Outdoor market open every Saturday 9:00am - 1:00pm | APR - OCT

Sprouts Kids Club is a program modeled after a national program called “Power of Produce.” The mission is to educate and encourage children to take part in the local food system and understand the benefits of eating nutritious foods.

Providing activities to allow kids to engage with local farmers will encourage a better understanding about farmers and where food comes from. By empowering kids to make healthy food choices, we hope to improve future health outcomes of childhood obesity and diabetes while encouraging a new generation of informed, healthy market shoppers.

The Sprouts Kids Club is free to all children ages 5 - 12, with a specific emphasis on children with less access to fresh, local healthy food options.

Sprouts Kids Club – how it works

Free to all KIDS - Ages 5 – 12, upon registering for the program, kids receive

  • A reusable Sprouts shopping bag
  • $2 in special Sprouts tokens each week when visiting the Market. The Sprouts tokens can be used on fresh fruits and veggies, or food producing plants
  • Weekly activities such as cooking classes & tastings ( Salad Making, Pizza Making, & more)

*“Passport To Health” - Passports are kept at the Information Booth or Sprouts booth. Each week when kids check in they are given a sticker or a stamp for their passport. Special incentives may be given when a child collects a certain number of stickers -(increments of 10)

Visit the event calendar to learn of week-to-week programming.


Sprouts Kids Club Sign-Up


Cooking Class – 1st Saturday
Sprouts Marketeers - August 20
Tomato Independence Month
Veggie 500


Sprouts Kids Club Opens – 1st Saturday
Mother’s Day Planting Event
Spring Taste of the Market


CHOP! Cooking Class – 1st Saturday
Kale Gate Party


CHOP! Cooking Class – 1st Saturday
Sprouts Marketeers – June 18
Sprouts Kids Club Challenge Begins
Father’s Day Event


A is for Apple, C is for Cider Event
Harvest Festival


CHOP! Cooking Class – 1st Saturday
Sprouts Marketeers - July 21
Berry Month
Seed Spitting Contest