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Applications for the 2019 Boise Farmers Market are currently closed.

Applications  Market Guidelines, and Sales Reporting Form

Gross Sales Reporting

BFM recognizes the sensitivity around gross sales reporting by vendors.  However, BFM Board of Directors and staff believes the compiling of financial market  sales statistics is essential to financial management and efficient operations of the market.  Sales information allows the BFM Board of Directors and staff to assess the growth and financial health of the market.

  • In order to maintain the highest vendor confidentiality, BFM staff follows these procedures:
  • Vendors are requested to submit completed gross sales forms with honest monthly sales data to the nearest dollar amount
  • Vendors are requested to submit gross sales forms by product category.
  • Forms may be submitted anonymously
  • Formed will be emailed to vendors the the Monday following the last Saturday of the month
  • Forms may be scanned and emailed to the market or returned to BFM management on the first Saturday of the following month
  • Only Market Manager and assistant Market Manager  are permitted to view the
  • original forms and are not permitted to discuss monthly totals of individual vendors
  • Raw data is incorporated into a spreadsheet by monthly category groupings and not by vendor name
  • Forms are shredded and disposed of after information is compiled into a spread sheet
Indoor Winter market guidelines
Download BFM Winter market guidelines